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It’s always exciting to come across an announcement about a new service for authors that promises to make our lives easier and also help us share what we’ve written more efficiently. That’s why I’m passing on some helpful information about a self-publishing tool that anyone going this route might want to check out.

BookBaby is part of the world’s largest online distributor of independent music. It distributes eBooks from independent authors, putting their work “on the virtual book shelves of the world’s largest online bookstores,” including Apple iBooks, the Kindle store at, the Nook store at, Kobo, and Sony’s Reader Store. In addition, BookBaby authors have access to helpful book-marketing resources.

BookBaby Free includes:

* Worldwide distribution
* 85% payout of net sales back to authors
* BookPromo, a free suite of promotional tools and services
* $100 coupon off custom-printed books by BookBaby
* Free Email-only support

This no-cost package is worth looking into if you don’t require a lot of support to upload your eBook. In addition to BookBaby Free, other reasonably priced packages are available that provide ePub creation and support, graphic conversion, expedited processing, .pdf creation, marketing tools, and let you retain 100% of your net sales. For more information, visit And write on!

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