Snow Day

One of the books that my beloved sister Judy adored when she was a kid was called Snowbound with Betsy. I don’t remember exactly what the story was, but I do know that Judy really enjoyed it. And whenever I think of that book’s name, I think of how much fun we used to have as kids on snow days — those wonderful gifts from the universe when school was closed and we got to fool around and play all day.

We used to build tents out of our beds, play cards and board games, and read, read, read! And so I must admit that it was with a great deal of pleasure that I took a little snow day of my own today and curled up with several books. One of them is a fabulous middle-grade novel for kids called Wonder. What a beautiful and moving book! I just found myself wandering through its pages, totally entranced.

As writers, I think we sometimes forget the immense pleasure of just reading for pleasure. Sure, at some point, I’m going to think about this story more analytically and from a craft point of view. But sometimes, especially on snow days or weekends, when the pace is more leisurely, it’s great to just dive into a wonderful book and remind yourself that one of the reasons you want to write is so that someday people will be wanting to dive into your book in exactly the same way.

So jump in — the water’s fine! And if it’s snowing outside, so much the better! Write on!

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  1. anne says:

    I so love to read Rhonda Byrne luv so

  2. anne says:

    I also love Karin blog on snow day

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