Beautiful Day

“Have a beautiful day!      “The Local” café sign

“Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone’s day.”    Richelle E. Goodrich

“Have a beautiful day!” What a lovely invitation, isn’t it? When I saw these four words greeting me on one of my daily jaunts, they prompted me to ponder what goes into a “beautiful  day” in my territory.  Luckily for me, having a great and lovely day usually doesn’t have much to do with the weather: While I love the sunshine, since I’m a Pisces, a
water sign, I also love the rain. So, even if it’s pouring outside — “a great day for ducks” as Dorothy, my beloved mom, used to say — I can be happy as a clam because I feel it’s a wonderful day to be inside writing away. And snow? It’s hot chocolate time! So, here are some of the ingredients that go into the mix of a beautiful day for me:

I’m working on some writing project that I love and hitting a challenging phase and I push past it and something wonderful is waiting for me.

I come up with a bit of “magic” that I sprinkle into a story — something that makes me smile and I hope will make my readers do the same.

I share something with you, my cherished KWD readers, which I fell will encourage and inspirit you as we travel together on our writing journey.

I give a boost or words of comfort and praise to at least one person I know really needs some sunshine and support.

I get an idea for something that would really work well in a chapter or scene and find myself really excited and jazzed about it.

I read something fabulous that delights me and I spend some time noodling around exactly how the writer created that feeling in me — or find something I can use and make my own.

How about you? What does a “beautiful day” look like in your neck of the woods? I’d love to know as we all write on!



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