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“To be is to do.”    Immanuel Kant

Alan Bean — a Naval officer, test pilot, engineer, and NASA astronaut — has some words of wisdom for us today about nurturing a dreams. As the fourth man to work on the moon, he surely knows about the power of dreams to guide and motivate us:

“The most important quality I have noticed in successful people is that they have a dream. They want to be someone or something. They want to have something. They want to go somewhere. They think and work toward that dream every day.

“I often ask people who tell me their dream, ‘What did you do today to move closer to your dream?’ Eighty-five percent didn’t do anything. They are planning to do something next week; they’re just too busy today. These 85 percent will probably never see their dream come true.

“Ask yourself the same question: ‘What have I done today to make my dream come true?’ If the answer is ‘nothing specific,’ then you will never make it unless you change your ways.”   From Work Smart Not Hard

Dreaming has a dreamy quality to it, doesn’t it? It can easily take the form or wishful thinking or reverie — and just the very act of dreaming can lull us into the feeling that we’re doing something, when we’re actually just wool gathering.

So let’s be dreamers and doers. Let’s all take at least one step today to make our dream, whatever it is, come to life and find its way into the world. Write on!


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