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“Houston, we don’t have a problem.”    Sports commentator

It’s October: World Series time. As a diehard Yankees fan, I was disappointed that my favorite team didn’t make it to the big series, but I’ve been totally inspired by the Houston Astros who beat them and are now battling the L.A. Dodgers. The Astros are showing the same spunk and spirit their city did in rebounding from wind and rain during the huge hurricane that hit it. There are so many qualities the Astros bring to the playing field that we need on the page:

They’re scrappy: The Astros were losing by two runs at the 7th inning in game 2, but they didn’t panic. They kept up a sparkling defense and kept battling for every hit. In the last two innings, they found their stride and broke lose to win the game.

They trust themselves: The Astros are a young but confident team — you can feel their belief in their own ability and in their teammates. Every player at bat knows he can make a difference and has the hitting power to knock the ball out of the park with a mighty swing. This rock-solid belief in themselves lets them rebound from strikeouts  and shake them off, so when they’re at bat again, they can go all out.

They’re focused: In the field, the Astros are totally in the game: They’re relaxed, yet poised and alert, ready for whatever comes at them. They made some fantastic plays and each one helped them win the game. They also have the discipline and control not to chase bad pitches. In the game, several players checked their swings, earned walks, and were batted home by their teammates. To stay in the moment, to be alert yet relaxed enough to resist the impulse to swing at whatever comes your way — what a gift!

There’s so much to be learned by authors from athletes! Persistence, resilience, patience, trust, timing — these are all as important on the page as they are on they playing field. Write on!

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