Walk On

“All know the way; few actually walk it.”    Bodhidharma

Ancient wisdom — and so true, isn’t it? When it come to pursuing the creative life and sharing our gifts, we really do know the way, don’t we? As writers, our path is engagingly clear, isn’t it? Writers write. So what contributes to our pursuing that path with purpose?

We walk the way when we stand firm in our right to live a creative life — to write.

We walk the way when we make time each day to do our work, to push it forward.

We walk the way when we fight through the setbacks that meet us on our path.

We walk the way when we take wisps of ideas that bubble up and nourish them.

We walk the way when we take deliberate steps to enliven and improve our craft.

We walk the way when we read with an eye toward enriching our own wordsmithing.

So what gets in the way of walking the way when it comes to our writing? In my own life, a bevy of obstacles spring to mind: Letting fear and doubts overwhelm my good intentions. Failing to put my writing first when our day to day life is rolling along — and let everything else fall into place around it. Being easily distracted. Frittering away my time.

How about you? What gets in the way of your walking the way? Worth pondering, isn’t it? And here’s another Buddhist saying to inspire and help focus us: “If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” Write on!

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