Amazing Day!

“Make Today Amazing!”   Local Coffee Cafe Sign

“Make Today Amazing!” What an irresistible invitation! Who wouldn’t want to look back over an amazing day? What would it feel like if we forged a day out of the hours we have in which we astonish ourselves and overwhelm ourselves with surprise at our creativity, our chutzpah?

What would an amazing day look like? How can we get there from here?

We can make a “joyful noise” on the page – we can pull out all the stops and just play. We can be as inventive and crazy as possible. Why not? Who can stop us but ourselves?

We can get out of our comfort zone – we can do something that’s not characteristic of ourselves: Pick up the phone and call someone who might give us a lead on a project. Ferret out the name of an expert in a field we’re researching and make contact. Create a character that will make our readers sit up and take notice. The sky’s the  limit!

We can push ourselves harder – by demanding more of ourselves, that’s how we surpass ourselves and surprise ourselves. So often we write and go through our days with the emergency brake on. Go all out!

We can write through the roadblocks – we can make a decision to go over, around, under, or through any obstacle that gets in our way. We can fight through any difficulties that arise, anything that crops up to slow us down.

We can write dangerously – we can start throwing down on the page that crazy story that been rumbling in our heads or that play or poem even though we’ve never written a play or poem. Only begin!

If there’s an idea here that grabs you, feel free to grab it and run with it! If not, then why not take a little time today to craft your own Amazing Day and take action to make it happen? Let’s Make Today Amazing as we all write on!

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