A Blessing

“Blessed is he who has found his work. Let him ask no other blessing.”                    Thomas Carlyle

Writing isn’t always easy. Joyful, often, if we and the muse are on the same page, but not always easy. Some days are surely diamonds, but others are stones. And yet, how lucky we are in so many ways! Let me count just a few that spring to mind:

We conjure up the stories that others enjoy.  “You create the stories that make life interesting.” A young lady at a conference once said this to me when I told her I was a writer and I’ve always remembered it. Yes, we create the stories that give life spice and snap! We can energize and embolden. We can console and comfort. We can lift up and lead. We can enliven and entertain.

We tap our creative forces with intention.  While many people lack the opportunity to tap into their wells of creativity on their jobs, we get to do this all the time. In fact, that’s our primary mission, isn’t it? To come up with creative, original ideas and to find original ways to say what all of us already know.

We go into the dark places and bring back the light.  At a talk I attended, a brave writer whose name I can’t recall, was asked, “How do you know what to write about?” His answer: “Write about what’s most dangerous.” Sometimes we find the courage to do this early in our careers, and sometimes it takes us a whole lifetime. But wherever we are, this opportunity awaits us: to dig down deep, past all the masks and all the distractions, and find a way to write about what really matters. What hurts and needs to be healed. What’s broken and needs to be mended.

We restore hope and promise.  Sometimes life batters us and we feel overwhelmed and burdened. Often it’s in these moments that we have most to share, most to give those around us. We connect, not through our strengths, but through our frailties. When we fall and stand up again, when we marshal words to show that we can survive and thrive despite these moments, when we entertain and ease life’s way, we offer hope and the promise of joy.

We have so much to give! Let’s remember how blessed we are as we all write on.

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