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“These be our prayers – more strength, more light, more constancy, more progress.”             Phillips Brooks

Sometimes, when we’re feeling stuck or uninspired, or under-inspired, the best thing to do is to simply stop, get quiet, and ask for help. We may be seeking divine inspiration, inner wisdom, a visit from our muse, a flash of intuition – or all of these. It doesn’t really matter, does it? We’re asking for help, pure and simple. And when we do this and wait quietly, help often finds us. So let’s take Phillips’ wisdom to heart and ask for whatever we need from whatever force we feel is bigger than our own confusion and doubt:

More strength:  Sometimes we feel tired and overburdened. We feel weak and as if we can’t come up with another idea or write another paragraph. We feel like we’re dragging instead of soaring. When we feel this way, let’s stop and ask for strength – the courage and grit we need to do what we want to do and the strength to get out of our own way and do it.

More light:  Sometimes we feel as if we’re flailing in the dark, as if we’ve lost our way. A story that started well is sputtering. A character we created hopefully seems flat and stale. A plot point seems clumsy instead of clever. When we feel like we’re lost and floundering in the darkness, let’s stop and ask for light – even just a glimmer will help us see the next step on our path.

More constancy:  Sometimes, life derails us — and we get distracted by everything and everyone around us. We find our writing sessions are erratic or unfocused. We know what we should do and where we want to go, but we’re lacking persistence and stick-to-ive-ness. We flit around, but never land firmly on the page. When this happens, let’s stop and ask for constancy – the staying power and focus to keep going and growing.

More progress:  Sometimes we feel that everything is moving too slowly, or even worse, that instead of improving our work, revisions have actually made it worse or sent us in the wrong direction. We get that terrible, sinking feeling that we’re actually going backwards instead of forward. When we feel like we’ve lost our momentum or our sense of forwardness, let’s stop and ask for progress – forward motion so we can advance steadily, even if it’s just a baby step.

More strength, more light, more constancy, more progress. Let’s not by shy. Let’s not hold back. Let’s not flounder when we can fly. Let’s ask for help and then all write on!

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