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Frank Somma is a highly successful salesman, a motivational speaker, and a good friend of my good friend and mentor, Rob Gilbert (check out Rob’s Success Hotline: 973.743.4690). Frank has an inspiring blog where he shares inspiring, insights (visit In a post a while ago, he talked about a gift that his cousin and valued friend, Steve, gave him in the form of a simple, but powerful idea: He challenged Frank to come up with a motto that captured his goals.

Here’s what Frank said about this: “… I needed to get a lot done and was concerned that in my zeal to work I would neglect my body or drift from my core principles so my motto was “Run Hard…Sleep Well.” It reminded me daily that I was committed to working but if I sacrificed too much on the personal side I would not “Sleep Well.”

The next year, Frank chose a new motto — one that expresses an intention he wants to keep foremost in his mind on a daily basis over the next 12 months: “Mindful of every moment and grateful for every day.”

What a wonderful motivational tool! Reading Frank’s post inspired me to ponder a personal writing motto. After thinking about it for a while, one popped into my head that seems perfect for me: “Take action every day!” I’ve written this on a card and put it by my desk. It captures my writing goal for the next 12 months: I want to move forward with momentum.

How about you? Why not come up with a writing motto of your own — one that will inspire and motivate you to achieve your major goal over the next year and put it where you’ll see it every day: on your computer, your desk, your iPhone, in your wallet? If you think of one, I’d love to hear from you. And write on!

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