Walk On

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.”   

Buddhist saying

How much wisdom is packed into this one sentence! Sometimes our minds and our hearts like to layer over what we do, don’t they? They love to multiply our difficulties, find tangents, send us off on detours or chasing down side streets.

We get distracted. We make things complicated. We invent tasks for ourselves that don’t really matter. Why? Who knows? It’s what we humans like to do, but all this mental and physical activity just pulls away from what we need to do, what we should be doing.

And all the time, in every moment all we need to do is to simply face in the right direction and keep on walking. Keep going, keep writing.

For us, as creatives and writers, this can simply mean picking one project and staying with it until we know it’s completed.

Or sitting at our desks and working on one sentence, and then another, and then another until we have a pile of paragraphs and pages.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Much of my success as a trial lawyer lay in the fact that I was always willing to give the opposing attorney six points in order to gain the seventh — if the seventh was the most important.

Finding out what’s most important to us — facing in the write (love this slip-up!) direction — that’s the job before us. Finding that seventh point and letting the other six fall by the wayside — that’s what will allow us to improve in our craft.

So let’s keep it simple. Let’s face in the right direction — and then let’s all write on!

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