You’re Whole

Do you ever sit down to write and feel overwhelmed by those little voices in your head that say, “You can’t do this! It’s too hard!”?

Well here’s a little secret that those pesky little can’t do critters don’t know and can’t even imagine: You have everything you need already at hand to do the job you want to do. Do you want to write a short story that’s been rummaging around in your head? You can write it! Do you want to pen a play that you can see on stage with your mind’s eye? You can write it! Do you want to get down on paper a book about your own life or your family — a book that might give readers everywhere uplifting hope and guidance? You can write it!

What’s stopping you? As my wonderful friend and mentor Dr. Rob Gilbert says, “You have everything you need already inside you. You’re not lacking it, you’re blocking it.”**

Consider, for a moment, the awesome power of this idea: “You have everything you need already inside you.” Everything you need. You are whole, complete — you are a writer already — you just have let your words out — free them and let them take you where you need to go.

When we free ourselves and our words, what heights can we take out writing to? What untold stories can we tell? What gifts of hope and aspiration can we give the world — a world that’s shaken and stirred up, a world that needs what we have to say?

Free those words of yours! Let them fly out of your head and onto the page! They are waiting for you to open the door of your mind. They are waiting for you to find the courage ands resolve to share them.

Just write! Just be a writer. No worries. No apologies. No lacks. No doubts. No fears. Only words. Words, words, and more words. Let’s free them — and they’ll free us. Write on!

** Check out Dr. Gilbert’s fabulous motivational tips at his new website: — you’ll be so glad you did!

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