Small Wins

Sometimes we get so caught up in racing toward the big picture — the major goal we’ve set for ourselves that we forget that the prize we’re aiming for, whether it’s finishing up a project or getting up is really made up of small wins.

The small wins we achieve can pave the way for the bigger goal we’ve envisioned for ourself. So set up a small win to make sure you have a big win. Here’s what I mean:

Nothing succeeds like success: We’ve all heard this saying and there’s a kernel of truth in it. A small success primes the pump — it fuels a positive, can-do mindset and builds you up to have more success.

You work harder after a win than after a loss. While some people are energized by a loss, most of us find it takes a while to bounce back. When you score a win, even a small one, it stokes your self-confidence.

You try more things: Even a small win can spur you to experiment, to try new approaches — and the more you try, the more you win. Scoring a success, even a small one, makes you more adventurous and more willing to step out of your comfort zone.

The takeaway: To have bigger wins, we should set up small successes.

What small successes can you create for yourself today?

You might revise a paragraph in a story you’re writing — one that’s been giving you trouble — and keep going until you’ve made it sing and dance on the page.

You might pick up the phone or write an email asking for some help with a project you’re working on—a critique or some information you need to move forward.

You might set up a brainstorming session with a trusted friend to kick around some ideas and get your creative juices flowing if you feel stalled and uninspired.

You might do a final polish of a story you’ve been revising and research possible publications to submit to. Or better yet, actually get the story out into the world. Just submitting is a success!

Success breeds success. So let’s set ourselves up for some small wins today as we all write on!

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