Something Wonderful

When the Green Woods Laugh

When the green woods laugh with
the voice of joy,
And the dimpling stream runs
laughing by,
When the air does laugh with
our merry wit,
And the green hills laugh with the
noise of it.

When the meadows laugh with lively
And the grasshopper laughs in the
merry scene,
When Mary and Susan and Emily
with their sweet round mouths sing
“Ha, Ha, He!”

When the painted bids laugh in the
When our table with cherries and
nuts is spread,
Come live & be merry, and join
with me,
To sing the sweet chorus of
“Ha, Ha, He!

— William Blake

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I am a writer and this is a motivational blog designed to help both writers and aspiring writers to push to the next level. Key themes are peak performance, passion, overcoming writing roadblocks, juicing up your creativity, and the joys of writing.
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