Practicing Patience

“Patience is probably at the top of everyone’s list of most sought-after qualities. Patience is defined int he dictionary as “quiet perseverance.” I agree with this definition, but patience also contains a quality of calmness that marks its outer appearance….When we are patient about something, life just seems fine. There is certainly no anxiety linked to being in a patient state.” From “The Practicing Mind,” Thomas S. Sterner

“The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life” is a small gem of a book. I turn to it from time to time for guidance. It’s core theme: how to approach practicing to improve a craft from a calm, centered place by staying in the moment and focusing on process instead of results.

One of the keys to staying in the moment and immersing ourselves in what we’re doing is cultivating patience. When we bring patience to practicing our craft, we bring a calm, unhurried mindset to our work

How can we bring more patience to our writing every day?

We can give ourselves time to create: When we give ourselves the gift of time — when we make writing a priority — we free ourselves to do work that matters to us. And when we make this choice, we relax.

We can make a decision to slow down: When we approach our work in an unhurried way and pay attention, magic happens. We give ourselves the chance to explore and open up to fresh ideas.

We can focus on process: When we focus on process — on what we’re doing as we are doing it — we automatically slow down. When we let go of our need for results, we can move forward easefully. Ironically, when we stay focused on process, the product takes care of itself.

We can be more playful: When we slow down and let our work take us where it wants to go, we give our curiosity and sense of discovery free rein. And when we’re curious, relaxed, and playful we are unstoppable!

Patience—quiet perseverance. Let’s bring this wonderful quality to the page today as we all write on!

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