Help Wanted

“It is a law of the universe: Assistance must always be given to those who request it.” Oprah Winfrey

“Ask for help. Ask for help. Ask for help.” Dr. Rob Gilbert*

Who doesn’t need help? Who among us doesn’t sometimes feel that we’ve lost our way? And who among us doesn’t really appreciate a helping hand?

Consider this: As I wrote the sentences above, I began debating in my head whether “Who among us” should really be “Whom among us.” So I got help: I googled the two constructions and settled on “Who among us.” Help was at hand and I took it!

Finding help on the Internet is easy — just a few clicks often does the trick.

But what about reaching out to someone else and asking for help? That’s simple, too. But it’s not always easy, is it?

Why do we—I’m talking to myself here, too—often have such a hard time asking for help?

Is it because we work alone so much? Is it because we feel we should know all the answers to whatever we’re struggling with? Is it because we don’t want people to know what we don’t know?

Right now, I’m betting there’s something you can use help with. I know this is true for me. Whatever it is, let’s remember this: When you’re stuck, often the smartest thing you can do is ask for a helping hand. When you ask for help, as Oprah says so well, you are mobilizing the forces of the universe. Ask for help. Ask for help. Ask for help. Write on!

*For motivational help and a daily dose of inspiration, be sure to check out Dr. Rob Gilbert’s “Success Hotline Podcast” on the Internet!

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