Possibilities Exist

A story from Everyone’s A Coach by Don Shula and Ken Blanchard:

“Entering the hospital,the man takes an elevator to the second floor and asks for directions to the nurse’s station. His face is solemn as he walks down the hallway toward the designated room.He enters and moves toward the bandaged figure on the bed. The patient sees him, smiles wanly, raises an arm from which tubes dangle.

‘Thanks for coming, Coach.’

‘How are you doing?’

‘Oh, okay.’ The mournful look in the sunken eyes tell a different story.

There is a long pause. Finally the visitor leans in, his jaw jutting close to the face of the patient.

‘Listen, Mike. I need you in training camp in July — on the field, ready to go. We’re going all the way this year.’

Later, Mike Westhoff, recovered from cancer and still the special teams coach for the Dolphins, would say of [Coach Don] Shula, ‘I thought he would tuck me in, but he didn’t. He treated me the way I could be, not the way I was.'”

What an inspiring tale of hope and resilience! It reminds us that when we’re in a tough spot and things look bleak, we can lift ourselves out of the “Slough of Despond” by focusing on where we’re going, not where we are now or where we’ve been. When we enter the Land of Possibilities, we expand our horizons and our own boundaries: We break through self-imposed limitations. So let’s be grounded in the present, but keep our head in the clouds. Write on!

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