Our Gardens

St. Francis of Assisi was hoeing his garden one day when someone asked him what he would do if he were to learn that he would die before sunset.

His reply: “I would finish hoeing my garden.”

So simple, yet so true.

Every day, we are faced with some many choices, so many distractions. So many life choices that can deflect us from our goals, whatever they are. And yet, if we can stay focused on the task at hand, we can find strength and purpose.

When we hoe our gardens—when we simply do our work, day after day, calmly and peacefully, magic happens:

We find that just the act of doing our work brings satisfaction and joy.

We begin to appreciate the sense of completion a job well done gives.

We come to feel that we are improving our craft and finding our voice.

We tap into a deep wellspring of creativity and ideas inside us.

How wonderful to know that all this is available to us through the simple act of sitting down and doing our work—of pursuing the writing life with devotion and intention.

Let’s keep it simple. Let’s find the row we need to hoe and do the work. Write on!

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