Few Do

All know the way; few actually walk it.” Bodhidharma

How true this is, isn’t it? When it comes to life and doing the right thing, we know the way to walk. When it comes to taking care of ourselves, to eating well and resting, we know the way to walk. And when it comes to writing, here, too, we know the way to walk.

When you cut through everything, it’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

Writers write. Our job is to create ideas, put them on paper, and then make them sing and dance so they entice readers to read.

Sounds simple enough, but it’s not always easy to do, is it?

There are so many things that get in the way of our actually walking the way we want to go: There are the challenges of daily living, especially in these times. There are distractions that entice us away from the page. There are feelings that crop up like clouds in the sky and make our vision and our resolve seem hazy and unattainable. The list goes on.

We can let all this get in the way of walking the way we know is right for us. Of following the bright, shining path that glows before us.

Or we can simply start walking and then keep walking.

We might stop here and there, but as long as we keep walking we’re pursuing our writer’s journey—we’re on the right track.

So let’s keep going. Together, we’ll get where we want and need to go. And we’ll be some of the few who do—who not only know the way, but walk it. Write on!

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