Focus, Focus

“Success isn’t hocus locus, it’s focus, focus.” David DeNotaris

David DeNotaris is a gifted motivational speaker and the author of Feeling Your Way Through Life. Just recently, I came across some of his words of wisdom from his book and wanted to share them:

“Our imagination is the workshop of the mind. This is the place where dreams are born, ideas are nourished, and plans are made.”

“I do believe we must risk to dream, then risk to plan, and then risk to act.”

“Develop the habit of focusing on the possibilities, not the problems.”

“An idea get us interested, but a dream get us excited.”

“It is simply amazing when we get in motion how we can clear our brains and allow positive, healthy thoughts to drop from heaven into our lives….Our motions can change our moods and can even change our minds.”

“Not knowing how to do something should never be a reason for not doing it.”

“If we put our energy in worrying, that is what we will harvest…As soon as we stop worrying, a solution pops up.”

“We have the ability to decide what thoughts we are gong to dwell on.”

“…the HALT method. Never make a decision when you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.”

“Happiness is a constant work-in-progress, because solving problems is a constant work-in-progress.”

Whatever the problem we have in our life, someone has faced it and overcome it.”

“When we walk by faith, we see things we never could imagine.”

“As you know, life is an echo. We get what we give.”

“Faith is the most important key to all success.”

“Focus your energy on greatness.”

And now, I spirited and energized, let’s all write on!

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