One Idea

The “Power of One”—what a dynamic force it is! One person, one idea, one goal can change everything. Consider these inspiring “Power of One” stories:

Rosa Parks changed segregation laws all over the South because she sat in the front of a bus one day and refused to leave.

Ralph Nader launched the consumer protection movement when he was a young man in his 20s. The movement has saved countless lives and prevented millions of injuries.

Steve Jobs revolution Ed the computer industry and the worlds work habits with his creative approach to computer design.

Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball player was known for his amazing ability to single-handedly turn a game around.

Look around and you’ll find stories about the “Power of One” are everywhere.

It’s heartening to know that one person can make a difference, isn’t it. In a world that’s complex, confused, and confusing, it can give us hope to remember that simple acts of courage and determination still count,

As writers, we can harness the “Power of One” in amazing ways.

Rachel Carson activated the environmental movement with her landmark book “Silent Spring.” It’s now a force worldwide.

You’re one. I’m one. As writers, our pens are mighty! We have the power to change minds and even lives with our writing—with the stories we tell and the worlds we create. Let’s remember this today as we all write on!

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